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Rock Art and Cultural Resource Management
By Georgia Lee

Rock Art and Cultural Resource Management

ROCK ART AND CULTURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT is an excellent resource for those dedicated to protecting rock art sites, or those charged with the task of managing and conserving rock art sites.

LEARN HOW TO CONSERVE rock art sites that are being vandalized or eroded. Learn what causes damage to rock art sites and what you can do to prevent it.

FINDING THE RIGHT BALANCE BETWEEN educating the public about rock art and protecting rock art sites from the public is no easy task, yet author Georgia Lee provides the valuable framework.

LEE DETAILS MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES on visitor use, site preservation, construction of paths, barriers and shelters.

AN IMPORTANT BOOK FOR CONTRACT ARCHAEOLOGISTS dealing with rock art, as well as managers of rock art sites on public or private land. The reference section alone is worth the price.

THIS EASY TO READ TEXT contains information no park ranger, archaeologist or curator should be without. Help stop the destruction of rock art by providing this book as part of a balanced education in archaeology and anthropology. There is no way to know what rock art will reveal when new advances in science are applied by future researchers. If we don't work to protect and conserve these sites today, no one may ever know what was so important it had to be "written in stone."

1991 72 pp. Paperback. Illustrations. Bibliography. ISBN 0-937523-04-6

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