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Mechanized Archaeology
By David Van Horn

Mechanized Archaeology

WELL WRITTEN, CONCISE, comprehensive, this text makes for a great addition to any curriculum in field excavation techniques - one that students and educators alike will keep for a lifetime as a reliable, efficient reference tool.

Saving time and expense during an excavation is a critical goal. However, the discovery and preservation of artifacts is always essential. The author weighs the balance between these priorities and offers real-life solutions from his own excavations, including charts detailing archaeological finds from test pits versus auger holes.

Learn how to:

- Collect quality samples
- Screen and process large amounts of site soil
- Operate heavy machinery, including power augers, skip-loaders, trenchers, and pumps for water screening
- Understand and use standard hand signals to communicate with equipment operators
- Save up to 80 percent in excavation costs
- Determine when machinery should not be used
- Use heavy machinery in unique ways to aid in the documentation of archaeological sites

The glossary reveals the language of heavy machinery and operators.

"Readers will be better archaeologists in those situations where mechanical excavation is imperative after reading this book."—American Antiquity

1988 175 pp. Paperback. Illustrations. Glossary. Bibliography
ISBN 0-937523-02-X

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