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Discovering Prehistoric Rock Art:
A Recording Manual

By Kay Sanger & Clement W. Meighan

Discovering Prehistoric Rock Art

WHAT WERE THE ANCIENTS trying to communicate through rock art? This is the mystery that makes these discoveries so compelling. Just as with any mystery, interpreting the secrets of rock art depends on one's ability to collect and analyze a wide array of information. No matter your level of expertise, this comprehensive guide provides the tools to make you a better detective.

THROUGH STEP-BY-STEP instructions and illustrations, this book reveals the critical research techniques, documentation strategies and the dating and interpretation methods used by the pros to decipher the motivations of ancient minds.

WHETHER YOU ARE a rock art researcher, conservationist, park ranger, professor, or simply someone interested in expanding your knowledge of rock art, you're sure to find this engaging text a valuable resource.

DISCOVERING PREHISTORIC ROCK ART is an excellent supporting text for lectures and curriculum on archaeology and anthropology. Content includes recording forms, site reports, and even lists of equipment necessary to expedite rock art research.

THIS BOOK IS NOT a guide to rock art site locations.

"This book belongs on the shelf, or in the pack, of every serious rock art student and undoubtedly will serve as the definitive work in basic rock art recording for many years." La Pintura

1990 238 pp. Paperback. Illustrations. Glossary. Bibliography. ISBN 0-937523-03-8

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