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Brian D. Dillon & Matthew A. Boxt
Archaeology without Limits: Papers in Honor of Clement W. Meighan

Brian Dillon

Noted archaeologist and author Brian D. Dillon (University of California, Berkeley) has extensive field experience in California, Mesoamerica and Central America. His other publications include "Practical Archaeology: Field and Laboratory Techniques and Archaeological Logistics," "The Student's Guide to Archaeological Illustrations," and "Archaeology of the Three Springs Valley, California: A Study in Functional Cultural History."

Matthew Boxt

Matthew A. Boxt received his Ph.D. (1993) and M.A. (1979) from the University of California, Los Angeles, and B.A. from University of California, Berkeley (1976). He was a student of Professor Meighan at UCLA. His research interests include Mesoamerica and the archaeology of Southern Baja California. Boxt has conducted fieldwork in Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, and Southern California. He is currently a Lecturer in the California State University, Northridge, Department of Anthropology.