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Archaeology for Money
By Clement W. Meighan

Archaeology for Money

INCREASING DEMANDS for private sector archaeology coupled with tightened budgets and downsized departments make this text a valuable resource for the contemporary archaeologist.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW before selling your skills as an archaeologist or consultant in archaeology. Pitfalls and areas of conflict in dealing with multiple groups having an interest in your field project. Valuable information for those who employ archaeologists, and for contract archaeology crewmembers.

LACED WITH HUMOROUS anecdotes and illustrations, insightful tips and excellent detail, Archaeology for Money helps you avoid common mistakes and miseries associated with private sector archaeology, EIR (Environmental Impact Reports) and government contracts.

FILLED WITH TIPS on how to land the job, including how to write resumes, invoices, and letters to prospective employers and property owners.

"...remains the best primer for consulting in North American archaeology."—Society of Professional Archaeologists Newsletter

1986 151 pp. Paperback. Illustrations. Bibliography. ISBN 0-937523-01-1

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